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B2B Evergreen Nurture Campaign

Time-Savings: 39 Hrs

Get this all-in-one B2B Evergreen Lead Nurture Campaign for HubSpot package to support all your lead generation, automation workflow, and email nurturing goals.

Customer Feedback Package

Time-Savings: 15 Hrs

Don’t know how to ask your customers for feedback? Problem solved! This customer feedback package will seamlessly automate asking for and gathering valuable insights and testimonials from your customers.

Lead Routing Campaign

Time-Savings: 8 Hrs

Sales teams with distinct territories need automation to make their day-to-day easier. No one should be manually assigning leads in this day and age. Of course, every organization will have varying regions.

New Customer Campaign

Time-Savings: 9 Hrs

There’s arguably nothing better than getting a new customer. It's an exciting time for brands involved. After a deal is closed, the real work begins. It's important for the seller to set the expectation for the new customer.

Re-engagement Campaign

Time-Savings: 9 Hrs

Sales cycles are long and nonlinear. Prospects take months of nurturing and often get lost in the shuffle. It's important to determine if cold leads are no longer interested or perhaps they’ve been busy.

Webinar Campaign

Time-Savings: 16 Hrs

With this package you’ll get a fully built webinar marketing campaign, including workflows, email templates, landing page templates, contact lists, pre-built forms, and content guidelines to follow along the way.

Welcome Series Campaign

Time-Savings: 12 Hrs

We've all come to expect a series of relevant emails in our inbox once we sign up for something. Therefore, we need to treat our subscribers in the same way!

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