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Increase in online sales
Increase in Cyber Monday revenue
Increase in email subscriber list


A brick-and-mortar-only retailer sells locally cultivated olive oil and gourmet foods to provide customers the fun of trying new things and the satisfaction of supporting local businesses.


A B2C retailer with brick and mortar locations grew from 7 stores to 18 locations. They quickly outgrew in-house capabilities. Because of this, they had difficulty managing their new store locations, not having enough people for the job.

Additionally, the store saw their business could complement this growth if they incorporated an online marketing strategy. Unfortunately, not having many people working at each location meant they also didn't have near enough time to invest in this. Their experience with technology and digital marketing was also limited. Furthermore, they worried about cannibalizing their brick-and-mortar locations with the addition of an online presence.

A big challenge of generating and nurturing new online audiences for them was having to educate audiences about their highly specialized product. They struggled to clearly explain the value of their extra virgin olive oil.


In pursuit of creating an online presence, the brand needed an effective online marketing campaign that would generate online sales. To do that, they would need to build an email subscriber list and increase awareness for their online store. The most viable way for them to accomplish this was through the use of automation and using technology for lead generation and lead nurturing.

As previously mentioned, generating more online sales is needed to complement generating greater foot traffic to their brick and mortar locations. A big part of converting online traffic into foot traffic was by educating new and returning audiences. They needed a way to grab a digital consumer's interest either by urging them to buy online or to purchase in-store.

Lastly, they wanted to create a holiday promotions campaign. This would again complement a multi-front pursuit of both their online and in-store activities.


They were easily onboarded onto HubSpot with Campaign Wizard's HubSpot Sales Setup. This service helped them quickly set up their new automated technology for generating, nurturing and converting online leads. So this strategy could succeed, a new ECommerce Website was developed for them in addition to using 3rd-party integration to guide leads throughout their buyer's journey.

Two Lead Nurturing Campaigns were then created, which incorporated creating lead magnets, nurture emails and automated workflows. Before being placed into appropriate workflows, contacts would be segmented into lists. These workflows provided audiences the best educational offers for their needs.

The Lead Magnets created were both eBooks that educated and walked consumers through the process of creating extra virgin olive oil. To download these eBooks, visitors provided their contact information through forms. These forms helped them build their email subscriber list. They then used this growing email subscriber list to raise greater awareness for their online presence and brick and mortar locations.

One of the email workflows created was a holiday promotional Email Campaign. In order for this new campaign to see success, a promotional email calendar was implemented. This helped schedule campaigns based on best times and opportunities to promote.

Lastly, they received HubSpot Training, ensuring they would know how to use their marketing technology to progress with their new marketing campaigns.


Within six months, their new online presence already showed results.

Through lead generation and nurturing efforts, We Olive saw a 100% increase in their email subscriber list. This was an extremely positive return since they identified and considered email subscribers as some of their most valuable return customers.

Additionally, there was a tremendous return from online sales since the year before, resulting in a 30% increase.

With the help of the promotional email campaigns, They also saw 30% more holiday revenue than in the previous year. While Cyber Monday saw significant gains, the whole 4-day sales period was a success.

Lastly, because their online presence was automated, their day-to-day operational activities became more efficient.

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